About Us

Who are we?

This story, like so many others, starts out stumbling across something really great.

I was devoting all my energy to getting my new creation, natural pesticide “Tree Tea - Plant Protector” to production and marketing.  One day my son called and in the course of conversation he mentioned that someday he will build a hemp home.  Industrial Hemp has high insulating and sound proofing value; it absorbs moisture but does not rot.  It allows walls to breathe, is naturally antifungal and antibacterial.  Hemp also absorbs carbon dioxide out of the indoor air as it dries, with no voc off gassing.                                                                           Industrial hemp plant does not rob the earth of its resources.  It can thrive on rain water, needs no pesticides and matures in about 4 months.

 ---   Really?  All that?

So, of course I had to check it out.  Well, I hate it when kids are right.  The more I learned the more I wanted to learn.  Crazy as it sounds, ----it is all that!!!   ---Plus much more. 

For years, I have been an eco warrior, why did I not know about this plant?  There are conspiracy theories out there (or NOT theories), but that’s past.  Also there is a number of devoted crusaders promoting “Industrial Hemp” but many of them are dismissed as endorsing marijuana.

So, that has to change.  Public awareness is the key.

Worldwide there is an intense interest and search for healthier, sustainable choices that do not harm the environment.  Industrial Hemp is possibly the most ecological plant there is. It contains barely traces of THC, about 33 times less than the lowest level THC marijuana. 

Time has come to separate “industrial hemp” from its cousin “marijuana hemp”. 

The best way to accomplish that is to put it out there, make it visible. 

We decided to write the message on hemp fabric t-shirts, and was born.

Hemp Strong is now a family effort, plus Lexi our brilliant graphic designer.  Our mission is to create public awareness and desire to learn more about this socially and environmentally responsible plant, a truly sustainable product source.  ----

Please Join Us!

Janette Renee