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Industrial Hemp is fiber-type hemp that is used worldwide in production of more than 25,000 earth friendly products.  Hemp provides raw mass for paint, biofuel, paper, biodegradable plastics (how cool is that?) clothing, food, animal feed and much more.   Every part of the plant is used, from protein rich seeds to fibrous core in making strong lightweight concrete.  US annual retail sales for hemp products are estimated at $580 million.

Hemp fabric is mold resistant, anti-bacterial, extremely durable but soft.  Industrial hemp makes most eco friendly textile choice for clothing.

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Cannabis Sativa which is grown specifically for industrial use is fiber-type hemp.  Industrial Hemp is in the same family as marijuana but is genetically different in its chemical makeup.  No need to confuse the two, we don’t confuse habanero peppers for the sweet varieties.  Same family, different plant.

Hemp grows anywhere in any type of soil, needs very little water and is naturally pest resistant.  Historically hemp was one of the first plants used commercially.   From root to flower, very part of the plant can be harvested. 

Today’s renewed interest in growing hemp is not strictly for economic opportunity but the concern and need for earth friendly, environmentally responsible and sustainable product production.

Hemp delivers, let everyone know it!